Coming from an Automotive component design and manufacturing environment, I have been amazed at the products and the speed to market of some of the products that are being launched via Crowdfunding platforms.

This has opened up opportunities for many entrepreneurs and inventors which did not exist only a few years ago.

I have been blessed to be a part of a company that has full design and manufacturing capabilities which has allowed me to be involved in the full product life cycle. One of the more exciting recent developments is the ability to utilize our full product life cycle development toolbox and apply it to new products with targeted introduction through the crowdfunding arena.

In addition to our own products, we are excited to be able to reach out to entrepreneurs and inventors who may not have the range of capabilities or financial resources to bring a new product to market. Through embracing and streamlining the new product development process through crowdfunding, it is my goal to work with entrepreneurs and inventors to develop and market their products via crowdfunding and help those who otherwise would never see their dream turn into reality.

Paul Jones – LinkedIn Article 3/1/17